Top five Attraction sites to visit during your stay at Twiks Villa

Naivasha is fast becoming a premier site to visit and have a good time. This narrows down to the booming hospitality industry courtesy of lots of holiday homes in Naivasha as well as holiday houses in Naivasha.

Here are our top five destinations to keep you engaged during your stay in self-catering cottages in Naivasha.

•    Hells Gate

The Hells hate national park is one of the most visited tourist sites in the country and it’s quite easy to see why. The park is mostly known for its scenery, which includes the Fischer’s Tower and Central Tower columns and the Hell’s Gate Gorge. It is also a good place to meet giraffes, zebras, or warthogs face to face while walking or biking through the park. You can also engage in hiking on the Canyons

•    Eburu Hills

Eburu is part of Mau Forest Complex, which is situated to the east, facing the Mau escarpment on the north of Lake Naivasha. It is believed that Eburu forms the highest peak in the Rift Valley. The presence of mapped trails on the hills provides a perfect route for you to follow as you hike while seeing lots of diverse Flora and Fauna.

•    Geothermal Spa

Located at the Hells Gate National Park the Olkaria geothermal spa will surely make your stay memorable. The Geothermal Spa boasts of a host of adventure, comfort, and luxury. Engage in hot/warm water bathing, sauna, steam bathing or lay under the soothing sunshine and cool winds while unwinding.

•    Lake Naivasha National Park

Lake Naivasha national park is one of the most diverse parks you’ll get to visit in Kenya. That can be simplified by the presence of the lake itself, Crater Lake, diverse game life made up of animals, and numerous species of birds. Many holiday homes in Naivasha are located in the vicinity ensuring a visit to the park isn’t a huge task.

•    Crater Lake

Is there a better way to satisfy your eyes other than watching the stunning jade-colored Crater Lake formed as a result of volcanic activity. It’s located at the Centre of the pack and being surrounded by a sanctuary it’s also a hotspot for viewing all kinds of game animals. Self catering cottages in Naivasha and its environs make the site frequently visited to catch a glimpse of animals in their natural habitat.

Holiday homes in Naivasha has made it easier for a lot of people to organize trips and expeditions in Naivasha and be part of the one of a kind diverse culture and environment.

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