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Twiks villa is a signature development in Lake View area Naivasha. This Villa is located in the Prestigious UNITY ESTATE just 4Kmtrs from Naivasha Town and 500mtrs from the old Naivasha road. The two-bedroom (all ensuite) villa sits on a relaxing environment and a picturesque landscape enhancing a panoramic view. The villa is graced by its distinctive American design and elaborate finishing to epitomize living in luxury.

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Twiks Villa

``Hello and welcome to Twiks Villa. I have great passion for service, culture, beautiful spaces and scenery, which is also portrayed by the style and magnificence of the villa itself. In an effort to share this passion and experience with everyone a wonderful vision was born and it’s my utmost pleasure to share it with you.``


Property Highlights

Fabulous view

Experience a majestic view of the lake with all its magnificence and a physical landscape as far as you can ...

Nordic Style

Subtly designed in an nordic style with personalized detail. The landscape complements the design perfectly.

Quiet Neighbourhood

The beautiful scenery, the spectacular landscape and quietness of the environment will ensure you a worthy peace of mind


The captivating interior and exterior design have been aligned with refreshing local culture ranging from the finishes and artistic pieces.

Villa Features

Property Detail

Created with every comfort in mind,every space has been skillfully designed and spectacularly finished for your utmost comfort during your stay



This is one of the most visited sites in Kenya and located about 13 km from the Villa. Its diversity in what the lake offers ranging from its sprawling bird species to game life is what sets it apart from other tourist sites.

Be sure to catch a one of a kind boat ride from the very welcoming locals and a mouthwatering delicacy of locally cooked fish just by the lakeside. Lake Naivasha National Park Lake is one of the most diverse parks you’ll get to visit in Kenya. That can be simplified by the presence of the lake itself, Crater Lake, diverse game life made up of animals and numerous species of birds. Giraffes wander among the acacia, Buffalo wallow in the swamps.

Monkeys & other primates call from the treetops while the Lakes large hippo population sleeps the day out in the shallows. The region surrounding the Lake is well worth exploring.

There are two smaller lakes nearby, Oloidien, and Sonachi, a bright green cater lake If you’re a birding enthusiast you’re poised to have an experience of a lifetime as the park houses hundreds of bird species which is unlike any place in the country. us leo.

The Hells hate national park is one of the most visited tourist sites in the country and it’s quite easy to see why.

It is characterized by diverse topography and geological scenery. The park is mostly known for its scenery, which includes the Fischer’s Tower and Central Tower columns and the Hell’s Gate Gorge. It is also a good place to meet giraffes, zebras or warthogs face to face while walking or biking through the park.

The Hells gate gorge which has narrow canyons provide the peak of the visit as you’ll get to walk past the neatly and near-perfect naturally sculpted rocks.

The Fischers tower, a 25-meter volcanic column provides a majestic view at the starting point of the park, where you get to see most of the wild animals Other activities that can be done at the park include rock climbing and cycling. its will take about one hour to get to the park being located 31km from the leo.

Eburu is part of Mau Forest Complex, which is situated to the east, facing the Mau escarpment and about two hours from the villa.It is believed that Eburu forms the highest peak in the Rift Valley.

It is located on the Hills to the North of Lake Naivasha approximately a 40-minute drive from Naivasha town. The forest cover does not have proper roads hence most of the paths are only accessible on foot.

Therefore, one of the best activities to partake in Mau Eburu Forest is hiking. There are about six mapped trails to follow around the forest which will take you to different parts of the area. While hiking you will come across a wealthy and healthy array of flora and fauna.

Some of the common animals you will see are different bird species and types of monkeys. us leo.

Is there a better way to satisfy your eyes other than watching the stunning jade-colored Crater Lake formed as a result of volcanic activity.

It’s located at the Centre of the pack and being surrounded by a sanctuary it’s also a hotspot for viewing all kinds of game animals. The lake is mainly frequented with giraffes, zebras, leopards and over 150 bird species that call the place home.

The crater lake is located 42 km from the leo.

Located at the Hells Gate National Park the Olkaria geothermal spa has set standards on matters service and the good times that its revelers are guaranteed.

It is called a geothermal hot spa because of the hot water (hot steam that cools in the collecting pipes) that is collected from the various wells within the plant and emptied into the pool. The temperature of the main pool ranges between 30-40 degrees centigrade.

The Geothermal Spa boasts of a host of adventure, comfort, and luxury. Engage in hot/warm water bathing, sauna, steam bathing or lay under the soothing sunshine and cool winds while unwinding. the spa’s location is 31km from the Villa.

Located in the Lake Naivasha National park the crescent island sanctuary can be reached by boat, or by driving across the narrow, swampy causeway from Sanctuary Farm.

The island is revered for its Biodiversity and eco system having more animals per acre than any other park in Kenya. The island offers a unique picnic site in the midst of all the animals roaming around offering quite a magnificent experience all together.

From the hill located in the island one gets to enjoy a wonderful 360 degrees view of the lake, Mt Longonot, Eburu hills and the hells gate national park.

Lake Nakuru is a wildlife haven that sits on the floor of the Rift valley approximately a two hours’ drive from the resort. It harbors one of the greatest world sights comprising of a sprawling lake with its shores filled with millions of deep pink flamingoes.

One of the major activities undertaken at the park include game viewing and camping to name just but a few. The park offers one a once in a life time opportunity to see a white rhino which is an endangered species of the larger rhino family.

Lake Nakuru national park is very diverse comprising of a wide range of both game and water animals like waterbucks, hippos, giraffes, zebras, pythons and not forgetting the sprawling flora comprising of a dense acacia forest and woodland. It’s surely a worthy visit.

A Few Words About Locality

Location & Neighbouring

  • Mall

    AMC Council Bluffs 17

    1 Km
  • Hospital

    AMC Council Bluffs 17

    3 Km
  • Police Station

    AMC Council Bluffs 17

    2 Km
  • Town Centre

    AMC Council Bluffs 17

    4 Km
  • SGR

    AMC Council Bluffs 17

    15 Km
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